Early College Academy

Our goal at Eagle Pass Independent School District Early College Academy (ECA) is to provide our students (least likely to attend college) with an opportunity to earn 60 semester credit hours or an Associate of Arts Degree while at the same time earning a high school diploma with an endorsement and a distinguished level of achievement.

Entrance Criteria

Eighth-grade students who reside within the Eagle Pass Independent School District attendance zone and who meet the criteria may apply.

Grade Point Average Criteria

Students should have a grade average of at least 78 but less than 90 for Language Arts and Reading, Math, Science, and Social Studies based on the 7th-grade end-of-year report card, and the 8th-grade January report card.

Application requirements

• Math and English teacher recommendation

• Cumulative Grades Record

• Student Cumulative Attendance

• 7th & 8th-grade STAAR Reading & Math results

Graduation Requirements

The following course sequence is required in order to remain in the Early College Academy program.


English I (4) or Pre-AP English I*(2)

Algebra I (4) or Pre-AP Algebra I*(2-4)

IPC (2) or Pre-AP Biology *(2)

World Geography (2) or Pre-AP World Geography*(2)

EDUC 1300 (2) Learning Framework

ARTS 1301 (2) Art Appreciation

PE/ROTC/Band/Drill Team/Athletics (2-4)

Health (1) & Elective (1)


ENGL 1301 (2) Composition I

ENGL 1302 (2) Composition II

Algebra II (2) or Pre-AP Algebra II*(2)

Pre-Calculus (2) or Pre-AP Pre-Calculus*(2)

BIOL 1308 (2) Biology for Non-Science Majors I

BIOL 1108 Biology for Non-Science Majors I Lab

BIOL1309 (2) Biology for Non-Science Majors II

BIOL 1109 Biology for Non-Science Majors II Lab

HIST 1301 American History I

HIST 1302 American History II

HUMA 1301 Introduction to the Humanities

SPAN 1411 Beginning Spanish I or CLEP for SPAN 1411-12


English II (4) or Pre-AP English II*(2)

Biology (4) or Pre-AP Chemistry*(2)

Geometry (2) or Pre-AP Geometry*(2)

World History (2) or Pre-AP World History*(2)

SPCH 1311 (2) Introduction to Speech Communications

GOVT 2306 (2) Texas Government

BIM I (2)

PSYC 2301 (2) Introduction to Psychology

PE/ROTC/Band/Drill Team/Athletics (2-4) or

Electives (4)


ENGL 2322 (2) British Literature I

ENGL 2307 (2) Creative Writing

MATH 1314 (2) College Algebra

Math 2312 (2) Pre-Calculus

GOVT 2305 (2) Federal Government

ECON 2301 (2) Principles of Macroeconomics

SPAN 1412 Beginning Spanish II or CLEP for SPAN 1412

Electives (6)

* Pre-AP criteria must be met prior to enrolling in this course

Note: Number inside the parenthesis indicates the duration of course in terms of the number of high school semesters or nine weeks.

Example: MATH 1314 College Algebra (2) lasts two high school semesters or two nine weeks.