Engineering Academy

Our mission at the Eagle Pass ISD Engineering Academy is to promote advanced skills for competitive wages in high demand Engineering careers. All Engineering Academy students will be provided the opportunity to participate in the Engineering programs, which will promote leadership, skills development and a seamless transition to a post-secondary education and or the workforce.

Our vision is to at the Eagle Pass ISD Engineering Academy is to graduate students with skills to meet the demands of a changing world by promoting student success and channeling resources to match the learning needs of students.

Student Expectations

All students will consistently demonstrate competency through a body of work in five major areas that support the accomplishment of the school’s mission and that are aligned with national, state, and local standards.

• Students will demonstrate mastery of academic competencies throughout the curriculum and extended learning opportunities.

• Students will collect, organize, analyze, and assess information and strategies to create, apply, explain, and evaluate solutions.

• Students will communicate effectively through listening and speaking, reading and writing, and media.

• Students will demonstrate respect and responsibility while managing personal time, conduct, and planning.

• Students will work effectively with others and strengthen group performance by sharing ideas and workloads.

These over-arching expectations encompass developmentally appropriate academic, civic, and social outcomes and identify what an Eagle Pass ISD student will know and be able to do upon graduation.

Graduation Requirements

The following course sequence is required in order to remain in the Engineering Academy.


• Pre-AP English I (2)

• Pre-AP Algebra I (4)

• Pre-AP Biology (2)

• Pre-AP World Geography (2)

• BIM I (2)

• Fine Arts (2)

• Health Education (1)

• Foreign Language I/II or Credit by Exam (2)

• PE/ROTC/Band/Drill Team/Athletics (2-4)

• Elective (1)


• Pre-AP English II (2)

• Pre-AP Geometry (2) & Pre-AP Algebra II (2)

• Pre-AP Chemistry (2)

• Pre-AP World History (2)

• PE/ROTC/Band/Drill Team/Athletics (2-4)

• Foreign Language II or Credit by Exam (2)

• Elective (2-4)


• AP Language and Composition (4)

• Pre-AP Pre-Calculus(2) & College Algebra (2)

• Pre-AP Physics (2)

• AP United States History or US History DC (4)

Introduction to Engineering Design (IED) (2)

Principles of Engineering (POE) (2)

• SAT Prep (2)

• Elective (2)


• AP Literature and Composition or English IV DC (4)

• AP Biology or AP Chemistry (2)

• AP Calculus AB & AP Calculus BC (4)

• AP US Government or US Government DC (2)

• AP MacroEconomics or MacroEconomics DC (2)

Digital Electronics (DE) (4)

• Speech DC & Psychology DC (2)

• Elective (If you select Gov’t & Eco DC)


  1. Pre-AP/AP criteria must be met prior to enrolling in any Pre-AP or AP course.

  2. Number inside the parenthesis indicates the duration of course in terms of the number of high school semesters or nine weeks. Example: Pre-AP English I (2) lasts two high school semesters or two nine weeks.