Health Sciences Academy

Our mission at the Eagle Pass ISD Health Sciences Academy is to promote advanced skills for competitive wages in high-demand health careers. All Health Sciences Academy students will be provided the opportunity to participate in the Health Sciences program, which will promote leadership, skills development and a seamless transition to a post secondary education and or the workforce.

Our vision at Health Sciences Academy is to graduate students with skills to meet the demands of a changing world by promoting student success and channeling resources to match learning needs of students.

Student Expectations

All students will consistently demonstrate competency through a body of work in five major areas that support the accomplishment of the school’s mission and that are aligned with national, state, and local standards.

• Students will demonstrate mastery of academic competencies throughout the curriculum and extended learning opportunities.

• Students will collect, organize, analyze, and assess information and strategies to create, apply, explain, and evaluate solutions.

• Students will communicate effectively through listening and speaking, reading and writing, and media.

• Students will demonstrate respect and responsibility while managing personal time, conduct, and planning.

• Students will work effectively with others and strengthen group performance by sharing ideas and workloads.

These over-arching expectations encompass developmentally appropriate academic, civic, and social outcomes and identify what a Eagle Pass ISD student will know and be able to do upon graduation.

Graduation Requirements

The following course sequence is required in order to remain in the Health Sciences Academy.


• Pre-AP English I (2)

• Pre-AP Biology (2)

• Pre-AP Algebra I (4)

• Pre-AP World Geography (2)

• BIM I (2)

Principles of Health Science (2)

• Fine Arts (2)

• Foreign Language I/II or Credit by Exam (2)

• PE/ROTC/Band/Drill Team/Athletics (2-4)

• Elective (2)


• Pre-AP English II (2)

• Pre-AP Chemistry (2)

• Pre-AP Geometry (2) & Pre-AP Algebra II (2)

• Pre-AP World History (2)

• PE/ROTC/Band/Drill Team/Athletics (2-4)

Medical Terminology (2)

• Foreign Language II or Credit by Exam (2)

• Speech DC (2)

• Elective (2)


• AP Language and Composition (4)

• Pre-AP Physics (2)

• Pre-AP Pre-Calculus & College Algebra (4)

• AP United States History or US History DC (4)

• • Anatomy & Physiology (2) or Medical Micro Biology (2) or Pathophysiology (2)

• SAT Prep (2)

• Elective (2)


• AP Literature and Composition or English IV DC (4)

• AP Biology or AP Chemistry (2)

• AP Calculus A/B & AP Calculus B/C (4)

• AP US Government or US Government DC (2)

• AP MacroEconomics or MacroEconomics DC (2)

Health Science (4)

• 2 Electives (2)


  1. Pre-AP/AP criteria must be met prior to enrolling in any Pre-AP or AP course.

  2. Number inside the parenthesis indicates the duration of course in terms of the number of high school semesters or nine weeks. Example: Pre-AP English I (2) lasts two high school semesters or two nine weeks.